Couple Therapy Training Program
Albert Brok, PhD, CGP, Director; Ellen Gussaroff, PhD, LCSW, Co-Director,
Delverlon Hall, LCSW, Assistant Director

Mini-Workshop Series 2018
Training Institute for Mental Health
115 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

The Reluctant Male in Couple Therapy

Gil Consolini, PhD, LCSW
Tripp Evans, PhD, LCSW
Saturday, May 12, 10:30 am-1:30 pm
Three Contact Hours for Social Workers

Are we still in the 1950’s? A thought-provoking presentation and dialogue about perceptions of masculinity and therapy.

Does ‘going to therapy’ mean ‘I’m less of a man’?

Twentieth Century men are still subject to deeply held conceptions of what it means to be a man. These ideas of manhood--conscious and unconscious-may stand in the way of accepting, embracing and utilizing therapy.

Defenses fortified by culture and upbringing may be become even more entrenched as men struggle to be firm enough, soft enough, open enough, defended enough—‘man enough’ to live in a changing world.

This workshop offers an open conversation about men’s continued reluctance to undertake therapy, and how this impacts our work as clinicians. Current literature and clinical vignettes will enrich our discussion. 

Learning Objectives:
Participants will:

  • Identify, compare and contrast men’s expectations and defenses as they enter and engage in couple therapy.
  • Examine these factors in light of current research and developing theoretical perspectives, in particular attachment theory.
  • Explore the impact of their own gender in working with male clients, addressing both similarities and differences
  • Develop their own effective strategies for engaging reluctant males in meaningful and productive clinical work.

Gil Consolini, PhD, LCSW has been working with couples for 20 years and has presented many professional workshops on couple therapy and other subjects. He has published two papers in clinical social work journals, and has been a training analyst and faculty member at the New York Center for Psychoanalytic Training. He is currently in private practice.
Tripp Evans, PhD, LCSW has also been working with couples for over 20 years and is in private practice. He is on faculty and a supervisor at the Couple Therapy Training Program of the Training Institute for Mental Health, and is currently teaching couple therapy at the NYU School of Social Work. He has co-presented previous workshops on couple relationships and therapy, and is co-author of a paper on aspects of empathy in couple work.