Crisis Relief and Relationship Building: A Resource for Couples

For over 20 years our Couple Therapy Training Program has provided special training for skilled couple therapists, and offered therapy based on a sliding scale. Our counselors are sensitive to gender, race, and cultural issues, and stand ready to offer relief in crisis and the skills and understanding needed to preserve ongoing relationships.    

Call 212-627-8181 to arrange a couple or family counseling intake.

In addition, the Couple Therapy Program of TIMH is offering new resources for couples in crisis or trying to improve their relationships.

Our Relationship Center will offer workshops for couples such as:

·       How to deal with conflict
·       How to create emotional safety
·       Time and money: ‘mine’ and ‘ours’
·       Sexual desire and fulfillment
·       Secrets, trust and betrayal
·       Substance use problems
·       Relationships with parents and family
·       Cultural issues and differences
·       Balancing caring for children and caring for the couple                     

To be notified of our upcoming workshops, please visit our website’s calendar.