Training Institute for Mental Health

115 W 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York  10001
P 212-627-8181
F 646-638-3025


Please call an intake specialist at 212-627-8181.

You may email with general questions or to set up an appointment.

Therapists are available Monday through Sunday, days and evenings.

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Lee Kramer, MA, LCSW
Executive Director

Christine Grounds, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services

Jason Kurtz, MA, LCSW
Director of Training

Albert J. Brok, PhD, CGP
Co-Director of Group & Couples Therapy

Ellen Gussaroff, PhD
Assistant Director of Couples Therapy

George L. Lynn, PsyD, ABPP
Co-Director of Group Therapy

John F. Scroope, LCSW
Director Emeritus

Heather deCastro, LCSW
Assistant Director of Training

Lauren Gargano, LCSW
Assistant Clinical Director

Leah Kramnick, LCSW
Director of Teen Talk Center

Dayna M. Kurtz, LMSW, CPT
Director of the Women's Center

John McCaffrey, MA
Director of Development

Susan Spieler, PsyD
Director of Continuing Education

Alan Steinberg, PhD
Director of Admissions

Kristin Wynn, LCSW
Director of the Mind Body Center