The Continuing Education Department of the Training Institute offers a variety of one-day workshops and on-going courses to physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, guidance and rehabilitation counselors, teachers, clergy and related mental health professions.

Workshops are designed to explore various treatment modalities and therapeutic techniques and to assist the practitioners' efforts to keep current with new developments in the field of mental health.

Past workshops have included:

Working with the Difficult Patient, Couples Therapy: The Search for Intimacy, Clinical and Theoretical Perspectives in the Treatment of Depression, Treatment Issues in Psychotherapy with the Elderly, Treatment of the Borderline Personality, and Psychotherapy with Latency Age Children.

The workshop faculty is drawn from a variety of specializations and reflect differing schools of treatment.

Susan Spieler, PsyD, Director

Clinical Psychopharmacology:

This series is designed to expand a clinician’s knowledge of the main classes of psychotropic medications and their integration in psychotherapy practice. Each part can earn three CEUs for social workers. After completion of all seminars for Level I & II, a Certificate will be issued.

George Lynn, PsyD, Co-Director of Group Therapy Program & Director of the Clinical Pharmacology Series


The yearly program of workshops is sent to our mailing list.