The Couple Therapy Training Program is a two-year certificate program that includes:

  • A core curriculum in psychodynamic theory and fundamental techniques in couple therapy.
  • A caseload of at least three treatment hours weekly.
  • Individual and group supervision of couple cases.
  • Engagement in personal individual or group therapy.
  • Seminars, film programs, and workshops presented throughout the year.
  • Supervised clinical hours count for licensure and professional requirements.
  • Advanced training in couple therapy supervision is available beyond the two-year certificate. 
  • Fellowship for course and workshop tuition are available, requiring three hours per week of couple treatment in our clinic.

Annual Tuition: $0 with fellowship

For further information contact: 
Dr. Albert Brok, PhD, CGP Director at 212.580.3086 or
Ellen Gussaroff, PhD, LCSW Co-Director at 917.930.9354 or
Delverlon Hall, EdD, LCSW Assistant Director at 917.576.1544 or


Working with couples presents unique challenges even for experienced clinicians. An understanding of each member of a couple's individual psychological development and emotional experience is crucial for effective treatment. A good couple therapist uses advanced skills to support individuals while maintaining an underlying focus on the couple relationship. 

Our program offers a firm understanding of psychodynamic theory as it relates to each individual's model of relationships and each couple's interactions. Our approach stresses the importance of cognitive, EFT, relational and system-modalities. Our low-cost clinic affords couples the opportunity to work with therapists in our training program where, in turn, therapists are given the chance to put theory into practice. Group and individual supervision allows for a full exploration of issues as they arise. Advanced Training beyond the two-year certificate is available for those interested in becoming couple therapist supervisors. 

Admission Process

To apply, click here to view our brochure containing our application.