For more than 400 years, race has profoundly influenced interactions between White and Black people in the United States.  Based on race, all social institutions in our country treat people differently from birth.  This has a considerable impact on personality development.  As race pushes into the forefront of American discourse, it is apparent that psychoanalysts and psychotherapists must engage with this issue in their clinical work.
Training Institute For Mental Health is offering a Fall Continuing Education Series 



The program began with a panel discussion on 10/16, but there is still time to attend the clinical sessions.
All three clinical sessions will include a case presentation by a TIMH candidate. Each case will be discussed by a highly seasoned psychoanalyst who was specifically selected for this program based on her/his considerable experience/expertise with this issue. Topics will include: racial and mixed race identity; social activism, justice and policing; gender and sexual orientation; intergenerational trauma.
October 23, CASE PRESENTATION 1 1:30 – 4:30PM
Case Presenter:  Richard Handibode, LMSW
Discussant:  Kirkland Vaughans, PhD
Moderator:  Susan Spieler, PsyD
October 30: CASE PRESENTATION 2 1:30 – 4:30PM
Case Presenter: Vivian Ohtake-Urizar, LMSW
Discussant:  Cheryl Thompson, PhD
Moderator:  Susan Spieler, PsyD
November 6: CASE PRESENTATION 3 1:30 – 4:30PM
Case Presenter:  Alcia Peterkin, LMSW
Discussant:  Anton Hart, PhD
Moderator:  Susan Spieler, PsyD

Each case presentation will be $40.

* If you are a graduate student, please mail documentation of your current student status with payment.

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