Albert Brok, Ph.D., CGP
George Lynn, Psy.D., CGP


The importance of recognizing and therapeutically dealing with different levels of experience that manifest in group are discussed.  The group leader's capacity to exercise judgment in selecting which level is most relevant is highlighted.  For example, whether playful or humorous interaction is a reflection of group defense or indicative of a valuable group state is discussed.  Differentiation between "actments" versus "enactments" will be described.

Learning objectives:
1. Cite differences between enactments and actments.
2. Classify various levels of relating by members and leader of a therapy group.
3. Choose the most appropriate intervention as a product of the group context and individual members' diagnostic situation.
4. Differentiate 'expanding the box' from 'out of the box'.

Professionals with CEU credit: $45
Professionals without CEU credit: $30
Students: $15
TI Students: Free

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Albert Brok or Dr. George Lynn.

Useful Techniques of Group Therapy