Meditation for Mental Wellness
Fall Community Series, Session II: Being with Emotions 

The practice of meditation deepens our awareness of what is happening in the present. This isn't always comfortable because it may mean getting more in touch with the full range of what we're feeling, including emotions we may try to avoid.

Instead of being caught in an endless cycle of attempting to escape painful feelings while grasping for positive ones, we can learn to sit with our emotions -- being with them without clinging or rejecting, without judging or getting lost in story/narrative.

This meditation session is about getting in touch with what we're feeling and learning how to be with whatever shows up. We don't have to do this alone, we can practice together, drawing support from each other (from community) in the process. 

Through meditation, psychoeducation, discussion and sharing, we'll work toward understanding and embracing the full range of what we're feeling. We do this with the aim of expanding self awareness, thereby building the capacity to identify and respond to our present needs. In practicing this, we become more available to ourselves and to others.

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