Couple Therapy Training Program

Albert J. Brok, PhD, CGP
Ellen Gussaroff, PhD, LCSW
Delverlon Hall, EdD, LCSW, Assistant Director

Mini-Workshop Series 2017

Going to the Dark Side:
Helping Couples Talk about Breaking Up


Saturday, April 8, 2017
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Tripp Evans, PhD, LCSW & Gil Consolini, PhD, LCSW

3 CEUs will be offered for this workshop


"If you're really at a breaking point, what would life apart look like?"
Breaking up is not only hard to do, it's hard to talk about. Both couples and therapists can get stuck on the edge of this emotional cliff. For the couple, the topic can bring up anxiety, attachment issues and denial - and for some, relief. For the therapist, a couple's breakup may trigger a sense of guilt, inadequacy and countertransference issues. What is our role? Don't we want to 'save' the relationship, no matter what?

How do we help couples examine the possibility of 'breaking up'? Is it time to say 'enough is enough', or is there room to reestablish a sense of committment?

This workshop explores how therapists can deal with these difficult feelings and how we can help couples explore the 'dark side' - the possible ending of their relationship.

Please plan to join us!

Tripp Evans, PhD, LCSW is a faculty members and supervisor in the two-year Couple Therapy Training Program at the Training Institute for Mental Health, and is co-author of a paper on use and misuse of empathy in the couple relationship.

Gil Consolini, PhD, LCSW is a frequent presenter and published author, and formerly was a training analyst and faculty member at the New York Center for Psychoanalytic Training.

Both presenters have been working with couples for more than 20 years, are currently in private practice, and have co-presented previous workshops on couple therapy, including ‘Nesters and Adventurers’ in the 2016 Mini-Workshop program at TIMH.

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