Caring For Yourself While Caring for Others
Body-based Resource Oriented Skills Training

The skills presented in this workshop are based in the psychomotor traditions of Bodynamic Developmental Psychotherapy and Moaiku ( 

In this one-day workshop we will explore a set of methods using specific muscle groups that enable us to maintain or restore bodily presence in the areas of:

• Centering
• Grounding
• Boundaries
• Containment

Focused attention is given to the experience of each individual as our personal history informs which activities function best for each of us. Likewise the optimal amount of energy used for each activity may vary greatly from person to person. The classroom serves as a laboratory for self-exploration and exploration with fellow participants.

Psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, bodyworkers, life coaches, health care providers and teachers can benefit.

Facilitator: Karen Brown, LMHC is a body-centered therapist and trainer practicing in Manhattan. She has a private practice in individual psychotherapy working with a broad range of issues. Karen has a special interest in helping individuals and communities develop resources to cope with high intensity life experience.

Preregistration is required. 
To register, please call 212-627-8181 or email:

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