Our sessions will explore the power of meditation as it relates to personal practice and challenges; our group is structured so that we can practice together and talk about our experiences and questions.  We take pride in ensuring our group is accessible and welcome to all: chairs are set up so everyone is comfortable, and we embrace practitioners who are beginners and more advanced to share this sacred space with us.

Our teachers:

—Carlos will be leading again this season with his warmth, wisdom, and rich meditation expertise; he continues teaching classes at MNDFL in addition to teaching mindfulness to students ranging from pre-K to college.

—Miriam is an incredibly accomplished meditation and yoga teacher who has led groups and individuals in settings ranging from dharma centers to shelters; a choreographer and dancer, she'll be guiding us in both meditation and gentle movement.

—Gabriel is a deeply heart-centered therapist, longtime meditation teacher, and clinical supervisor of an addiction treatment facility in NYC who now teaches yoga.

—Jeremy is the group's cofounder and current psychology student who continues to explore meditation's power in different contexts of life, therapy, and art.

—Our cofounder Kristin is taking a leave of absence this season in order to spend time with her family, but she will join us again in the future.

We'll be meeting once again at the Training Institute for Mental Health, 115 West 27th Street, 4th Floor (between 6th and 7th Aves).  Please note that we'll be starting at 3:30pm, which is earlier than previous seasons.  And when planning your commute, keep in mind that the F train at 23rd Street is currently closed for renovations.

We look forward to seeing you and creating a space for practice and exploration with you.  Please join us!


Jeremy, Gabriel, Miriam, Carlos, & Kristin

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