Technology and the Millennial Client: The Psychoanalyst’s Challenge to Adapt

Presented by:

Stanley Teitelbaum, Ph.D. & Heather deCastro, LCSW

April 20th at 7:00pm

Technology has an increasing presence in both our patients and our own lives. As psychotherapists, how do we adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape and still maintain the human connection? Are virtues such as solitude and the capacity of self-reflection affected?

Presenters Stanley Teitlebaum, Ph.D. and Heather deCastro, LCSW will discuss their timely papers; “Adapting to the Changing Scene in Psychoanalytic Practice.” and “Technology and the Millennial Generation: How it Effects the Therapist, Our Patients and the Psychoanalytic Frame.”

Psychoanalytic Society members & TI students/interns attend for free.

Training Institute for Mental Health
115 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY

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2 CEUs will be offered for social workers at this workshop

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Dr. Stanley Teitlebaum, Ph.D. ( is a psychoanalyst specializing in individual, group, and couples therapy.  He is affiliated with the Training Institute for Mental Health and the Former Director of the Supervisory Training Program at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, the New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis and the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in New Jersey. He has written numerous articles in leading mental health publications and is the author of three books: “Sports Heroes, Fallen Idols” “Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side” and “Illusion and Disillusionment “. He has appeared on more than fifty national television and radio shows including ABC’s Nightline with Ted Koeppel, Good Morning America, 20/20, and Court TV. During the last twenty years Dr. Teitelbaum has also been interviewed frequently for newspaper and magazine articles on human motivation on such diverse topics as “Preventive Strategies in Dealing With Sports Rage”, Women As Targets of Athletes’ Violence” and “The Importance of Athletes As Role Models and Leaders”.

Heather deCastro, LCSW ( is faculty, supervisor, and Assistant Director of Training at the Training Institute for Mental Health. Currently she is a fourth year student in the Psychoanalysis Program at TIMH. Her private practice is located in Manhattan where she specializes in working with Millennials. Heather’s interviews and presentations include topics ranging from the influence of technology on psychoanalysis, understanding the dating landscape and relationships of Millennials and emerging adulthood. Prior to pursuing her career as a psychotherapist, Heather worked in the fashion industry and in finance.