with a Live Case Presentation and Lacanian Supervision

This introductory seminar/workshop will provide a foray into several controversial and key elements of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan’s clinical technique.  These elements will include Lacan’s conceptualization of the position of the analyst in the treatment; the difference between working within what Lacan has termed the register of the imaginary and what Lacan termed the register of the symbolic; a critical consideration of empathy (widely thought to be foundational in clinical work); and an exploration of the problems with the goal of understanding patients as well as associated facets of transference-countertransference paradigms.  The first hour of the seminar will involve a discussion of Lacan’s relevant ideas and some examples of how these ideas can be utilized to transform clinical work.  The second hour of the seminar will involve a case presentation, during which the presenter will respond to the case, drawing on some of the aforementioned principles that derive from Lacan’s work.

About the presenters:
David M. Castro, LCSW, MA is a faculty member at TIMH and an adjunct professor of the MA program in school psychology and the MSW program at Adelphi University.  He teaches the Lacan introductory elective course at TIMH.  At Adelphi he teaches courses in psychopathology and psychodynamic child personality assessment.  He is also in private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where he works with children, adolescents, and adults, specializing in the confluence of chronic pain conditions and anxiety/trauma, psychodynamic approaches to the treatment of addictions, and issues associated with life transitions, particularly those associated with the college students.  In addition, he is currently writing a PhD thesis on Lacan’s conceptualization of psychotic delusions. 

Kathleen Brown, LMSW is currently finishing her three year Post Graduate Fellowship program in Psychoanalytic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan. Kate arrived in this Fellowship after fifteen years of serving New Yorkers as a Fordham Graduate and LMSW. Kate custom tailors her analytically based therapy style to meet the individual needs of each person. Her practice includes a creative use of memories, dreams, imagery, and metaphoric associations while integrating CBT, guided imagery techniques and encouraging a connection to nature as a vital source of integrating self. Kate is passionate about the process of healing, growth and rediscovery of self. She celebrates the courage of each individual who chooses this path.

May 18, 2018 6:00pm-8:00pm
Training Institute for Mental Health | 115 W 27th Street, Floor 4

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