The Psychoanalytic learning process is a never ending one, so believed Freud. Consequently, he conceived of a Psychoanalytic Society, a professional, collegial organization, that would enable continuous psychoanalytic education. TI has followed this Freudian psychoanalytic tradition establishing a TI Psychoanalytic Society in 1997 which has progressed, becoming a vital component of our Psychoanalytic Training Institute. 

TI's Psychoanalytic Society's mission is to enhance and expand psychoanalytic learning. Our dedicated committee members, arranging significant events, have exposed TI Society affiliates (former graduates, as well as current students, instructors, and supervisors) to our most outstanding psychoanalytic thinkers, from near and far. Provocative clinical topics have been addressed and current sociocultural issues have been illuminated.

Some of our recent outstanding presenters have been: Nancy McWilliams PhD, Arnold Rothstein MD, Theodore Jacobs MD, William Meyer MSW, Harold Blum MD, Salmon Akhtar MD and Jane McAdam Freud.

The following events have been scheduled for the 2016-17 academic year:

December 9, 2016 - Richard Kogan MD presenting and performing The Mind and Music of the Jazz Musician Scott Joplin

March 10, 2017 - Jane McAdam Freud, (Freud’s great granddaughter) presenting a video, art exhibit and discussion on Object Authority, a topic related to Freud's paper on "THE THING".

May 19, 2017 - Danielle Knafo PhD, discussing her prizewinning paper Love and Death: Necrophilic and Somnophilic Acts and Fantasies

Joan Erdheim, PhD, President 

Judy Muldoon, LCSW, Secretary/Treasurer 

Dorothy Lahm, LCSW 

Robyn Costanzo, LCSW 

Heather DeCastro, LCSW