The devastating storms, droughts and wildfires of 2017 in the US have made it increasingly apparent that something is not right with our shared home. It is understandable that people erect powerful defenses to protect themselves from frightening and painful thoughts evoked by climate change.

This introductory program about climate psychology will:

  • Provide information about climate change (e.g., interactions between scientific, economic and political factors),
  • Identify functional and dysfunctional reactions in response to climate change,
  • Explore emotional factors that contribute to dysfunctional responses to news about climate change (e.g., widespread disengagement),
  • Address psychological impacts on people who are reading news about it and on those who are directly touched by urgent climate events (e.g., droughts, wildfires, floods, food insecurity, financial and material loss) and associated psychological trauma,
  • Explore how these issues manifest in relationships between clients and mental health professionals and how they can be addressed,
  • Provide resources about climate psychology in the psychological literature,
  • Explore possible options for “becoming part of the solution”.
“If you thought your house were on fire, would you take action or deny that you smelled smoke? Why are your reactions to climate change different than they would be if your house were on fire?” (S. Spieler, 2015)


Harriet Shugarman, MBA - award-winning Climate Reality Project speaker trained by Al Gore, will offer a fact -based multimedia presentation

Elizabeth Allured, PsyD – Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, Climate Psychology Alliance, practices in Pt. Washington, NY, teaches at Suffolk Institute and Adelphi Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Institute.

Susan Bodnar, PhD – practices in Manhattan has 20+ years experience, trained in relational psychoanalysis and CBT, Climate Psychology, Alliance, She teaches at Columbia University and has published in academic journals and in popular media.

Susan Spieler, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, Climate Psychology Alliance, practices in Manhattan, 35+ years of clinical experience, member of NYC’s Resilience and Emotional Support Team (REST).

*Six CEUs will be provided to NYS Social Workers who complete the program.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided

Please direct questions regarding registering to TIFMH@earthlink.net

Please direct questions about the program to Dr. Susan Spieler, Director of Continuing Education, sspsyd@gmail.com

NOTE: Registration closes on May 15th.